Gingivoplasty – one of the procedures that correct gingival smile

Apr 5, 2022 | Notícias

Do you feel uncomfortable or ashamed when you smile because you show more gums?
In this article we will address a solution for the called “gingival smile”. One of the solutions is gingivoplasty, a simple and quick surgery performed dentist which corrects excess gum tissue. This way you will get the proportion of gumline that should be shown when smiling.
Before the surgery, an evaluation and planning consultation is donne so the dentist can estimate how many milimeters of gums can be removed without compromising the health of the teeth. After the surgery you will not feel more sensitivity but, there are some precautions to take into account, however you can resume your normal life without major restrictions.
We would like to show you one of our clinical cases in wich this procedure was performed to achieve the smile desired by the patient. Initially, the ortodontic treatment wa accomplished and then, the gingivoplasty was performed. Finally, veneers were placed.