Aug 5, 2021 | Notícias

During pregnancy, it’s necessary to take special care of your oral health. It is very important to take preventive action and understand that a woman’s body undergoes through numerous changes, hormonal and physical, and these changes will influence her oral health.
There are some questions about oral health care to bear in mind as well as if it is recommendable to go to the dentist during pregnancy.
We would like to let you know that if you are pregnant and if you are in pain, you should look for an appointment with your dentist. While you’re pregnant your teeth and gums are more vulnerable and for that reason, there are some precautions to take:
Avoid the ingestion of salty or sweet foods;
Practice good oral hygiene – do a good brushing and don’t forget to floss;
It is recommendable that if you are planning to get pregnant in the near future, you should book an appointment with your dentist first. If you have a situation that needs to be treated you must do it before becoming pregnant.
Pay special attention to your gums because many pregnant women suffer from gingivitis (a film of plaque, or bacteria, accumulated on the teeth). If you notice that your gums are more reddened, inflamed, or even bleeding during brushing you should see your dentist as soon as possible.
Due to eating habits change during pregnancy, you need to have more control of oral hygiene, increasing the frequency of brushing.
If you are pregnant and have questions, please contact us.