Dr. Luciana Camargo


Dr. Luciana Camargo graduated from the University of São Francisco – São Paulo in 2001 and post-graduated in pediatric dentistry from International Institute of Medical & Dental Science – Porto.
After an initial experience in a dental clinic, she joined Previdente where she has responsible for fields of pediatric and general dentistry during several years. Over time, Dr. Luciana have been constantly improving her qualifications in restorative dentistry and aesthetic medicine.
Currently besides being clinical sub-director she is in charge of one of the most challenging areas of dental medicine, prostodontics. Over time, Dr. Luciana attended several postgraduate courses in Aesthetic Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine (Botox® and Hyaluronic Acid).

She treats dental aesthetic and facial aesthetic cases.

Advanced Training: Prosthetic work (dentures, crowns, bridges), facial fillers.

Certification to Practice No. 4628

General Dentistry, Oral Rehabilitation, Prosthetic work, Facial Aesthetics