Dr. Sérgio Pereira is the founder of Previdente and the actual Clinical Director. He has a degree in Dentistry from the Faculty of Odontology (IMES) which he concluded in 1990. Dr. Sérgio has the title of specialist in Oral Surgery having completed several post graduations:

  • Specialist in Oral Surgery by the Portuguese Dental Association;
  • Graduate in gingival plastic – ILAPEO;
  • Specialist in implantology by ILAPEO;
  • Postgraduate in rehabilitation of Atrophic Jaws and Zygomatic implants – ILAPEO;
  • Advanced Surgery Course – ABO;
  • Oral Implantology and Implant Prosthesis Course (Replace and Branemark system) – COIP;
  • Specialist in Surgical Anatomy and Face – University of São Paulo;
  • Course of Inhalation Sedation and Conscious Analgesia with Nitrous Oxide – PUC-RJ;
  • Speaker and Scientific Consultant for the Straumann Neodent Group
  • Mucogingival surgery Course – Sociedade Portuguesa de Periodontologia e Implantes
  • Atrophic Maxillae Rehabilitation with individualized Biocortical fixed with structures Course -Centro Dentário Candelo

Besides being a scientific consultant in Europe for the Straumann Neodent group on osseointegrated implants, Dr.Sérgio Pereira is as well as an active contributor on dentistry articles to various medical publications (Dentalpro, Portugal Dentistry, Dentistry Brazil), and lecturer in seminars and conferences on regular basis.

Mainly treats complex oral rehabilitations and dental implants.

Advanced Training: Oral Surgery and Implantology.

“When speaking about dental practice, method is important, nonetheless love and passion for the profession is vital! At Previdente, we provide high quality dental services to our patients and make them feel at home surrounded by this great family. You can always count on our smile taking care of yours.”

Dr. Sérgio Pereira – Previdente Clinical Director

Certification to Practice No. 2717

Oral Surgery, Especialist, Implantology, Smile Designer, Oral, Rehabilitation, Prosthetic work, Periodontics, Micro Surgery