FJO, functional jaw orthopedics, is a dental treatment that is available at our clinics. This is a progressive form of treatment that solves several imbalances – bone, muscle and jaw function. It also corrects crowding and temporomandibular joint problems.

This treatment is more effective when done during childhood, but it will work at any age. It is also a multidisciplinary area in which several professionals from the most varied areas intervene in order to achieve the best results.


FJO appliances

The main objective of the Jaw Functional Orthopedics appliances is the production of stimuli on to the network of sensory neurons located in the oral region. These stimuli generate messages to the central nervous system of our body which will respond through the remodulation of stomatognathic system structures. In other words, these appliances induce the remodeling of bone, muscle, joint and functional structures. Thus, FJO provides improvement of face aesthetics and mouth functions, restoring the maxillofacial system balance.

Warning symptoms that you may need functional jaw orthopedics

If you notice something wrong such as: mouth too far forward, cross bite or if breathing is done through the mouth, you should seek help.
There is also a set of symptoms that OFM will treat as: sleep apnea, bruxism, clenching teeth, ear or jaw pain, protruding chin and crowded, crooked teeth and even when the tongue is placed between the front teeth.