Nov 25, 2021 | Notícias


On the occasion of International Day of Radiology, 8th November, we would like to emphasize the importance of radiology exams for an accurate diagnosis.
 Thanks to this technology dentists are able to detect situations that are often more complex and impossible to see using only their eyes, as it allows to visualize what is intraosseous (inside the bone), consequently helping to detect situations of bone loss, hidden caries, perforations, dental fractures, granulomas or even cysts.
 Although there is still great controversy about the need of radiograph exams (exposure to ionizing radiation) to support dental diagnosis, as long as biosafety standards are put into practice, these types of exams are nowadays considered extremely safe as well as low risk.  Thus, the benefit always outweighs the risks.
 The latest developments on technology, brought a dramatic reduction in the dose and exposure time that the patient is subjected to during the exam.
 When we compare the dose of radiation that we are daily subjected to in the environment, it can be greater than the radiation that we are sporadically exposed to during a visit to the dentist.
 At our clinics, we guarantee you that all radiographic examinations are carried out with extreme care.